In 2013 TITLECHASER started out as an idea for a sports social networking website for sports enthusiasts and fans to talk and debate specifically about sports. A platform where you could meet new friends with the same sports interests as yourself or talk trash to a rival fan, also a place where you could help your child or any child get the recognition they deserved and hopefully get them noticed by private schools, colleges or sponsors.
Then something special happened and TITLECHASER evolved into a full fledge sports apparel clothing brand by the request of people wanting to wear something that symbolized what their lifestyle was about!!! So we went in search for the best sports apparel fabrics and technologies that would rival the top sports apparel companies in the world.
When you’re wearing TITLECHASER APPAREL it means something, it’s a representation of you and what you stand for and what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s an acknowledgement of the dedication, sacrifice and hard work you’re willing to put in striving to be the BEST at whatever you’re doing in your life!!!
At TITLECHASER we live by two mantras:
WHAT ARE YOU CHASING? - Posing the question to bring a sense of awareness to focus on and obtain goals!!!
CHASE SOMETHING - Our rally cry meaning “Don’t talk about it be about it, whatever it is”!!!
Now WHAT ARE YOU CHASING? and once you figure it out don’t just sit there CHASE SOMETHING!!!