What is Title Chaser?

Title Chaser is a Sports Social Network. A place you can share pics, videos, news, highlights, stats, sports stories, blog, debate, root for your teams, and everything else you love about sports.

How do I use Title Chaser?

Using Title Chaser is simple – just register, create a profile and then you can select a sporting community you want to be part of, whether it's your favorite team or sports. You can also create your own private group for just your friends and family.

What will I use Title Chaser for?

Title Chaser is a great platform to tell your sports stories and why you love sports. Showcase your talents by posting pics and videos. Network with others that have the same sports related interest by joining that sports or teams community group. Have general sports discussions and debate with other fans in the forum “FACEOFF” or go head to head with opposing team fans in the “WAR ROOMS". Get instant updates during your favorite live sporting events from your friends, athletes, sports writers and commentators. It's also the perfect place to read up on the top sports news headlines you're most interested in and allows you to instantly react to the stories, links and videos with your friends.

Who will use Title Chaser?

Title Chaser is for anyone who loves sports and enjoys interacting with others all over the world. Sports fanatics, fitness enthusiasts, athletes and social networkers will find themselves right at home in the Title Chaser community, along with those who just want to see the highlights from up and coming athletes.

Does Title Chaser have a mobile App?

Not currently but we're working on it and will have one ASAP. As we know how important it is to have a mobile app but we do have a mobile website.

Do I need an account to use Title Chaser?

Yes, if you want to be part of the Title Chaser community, you have to sign–up and participate!

What kinds of sporting communities are available on Title Chaser?

There's a very large variety of sporting communities from teams to specific sports, if it's competitive you should be able to find it on Title Chaser.

Will Title Chaser add more sporting communities in the future?

Yes as Title Chaser grows so will the scope of the websites communities.

Will Title Chaser broadcast everything I do on the site?

No – what you want to share is your business. Title Chaser takes your privacy very seriously.

Can I connect Title Chaser to Facebook?

Yes you can connect to Title Chaser with your Facebook account.

What about privacy? Is it safe?

Title Chaser is committed to protecting your privacy. We will never share or allow access to your personal information by third parties. For more information about our Privacy Policy.

How can I stay in the loop on new developments from Title Chaser?

To keep up with the latest developments, follow @titlechaser on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or right here on Title Chaser.

How is Title Chaser different from other social networks?

Title Chaser is based on social networking specifically for sports and fitness.

Unlike other sports sites Title Chaser is the only platform that offers the following in one place:

Post comments, pics, videos and links.
Create a detailed personal profile of highlight reels, pics and stats from year to year of your career if you're a Athlete.
Be part of PUBLIC community groups for your favorite team or sport. (No approval required for public community groups)
Title Chaser isn't just another sports site we are:
"The Premier Sports Social Network"

Title Chaser